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paul winslow


**Going Barmy is now on sale from SportsBooks. Cricinfo described it as "wry, perceptive and winningly written" while the Sports Journalists Association commented that it is "a travel work that brings together aspects of sport and culture that had left me far behind." Sports Book of the Month website said it is "an extremely funny book... this is a perfect Christmas gift for any cricket lover."**

I am a magazine editor, website editor, journalist, copywriter and author boasting experience with top contract and news-stand publishers in the UK and Australia.

I've worked with a diverse group of global brands and small businesses on everything from writing assignments to magazine relaunches and communications strategies.

Now based in Melbourne, I continue to work for companies and publications across the globe. Download my CV, look through my latest work, follow me on Twitter or explore the site for more information. 






phone: 0407 017422